Terms of Service

Terms and conditions

The website https://kunerango.com (the “Website”) is available for all the users according to these terms of service (the “Terms of Service”) which govern access to the Website. For a correct interpretation of the Terms of Service, the term “Kunerango” means Kunerango Srl, with registered office in Roncade (TV) Italy, Via Sile 41, tax and vat code IT04614590265.

On accessing or using the Website the user accepts the Terms of Service. However, if the user does not intend respecting the Terms of Service he/she should immediately exit the Website without using it in any manner.

Using the Website

This is a commercial Website and consequently the contents of the Website (videos, texts, background, graphic designs) must not be reproduced or disclosed, all or in part, through the web or any other communications method and no alterations may be made to the Website.

By registering with the Website the user (referred to as the “Instructor”) will be able to create his/her personalized platform (the “Platform”), which can be reached at the address the user communicates to Kunerango, and will be able to upload the lessons to the platform (the “Course”), i.e. the teaching material to share with the other site users.

The Instructor’s Platform will reside in the Kunerango servers (currently situated in the EU) and the Instructor will be entirely responsible for its management.

Only the Instructor is able to upload the Course to the Platform, and therefore nothing will be uploaded or managed by Kunerango.

The Instructor is the only person responsible for the contents of the Courses uploaded to the Platform.

Kunerango may access the material uploaded to the Platform by the Instructor at any time, to monitor the contents and notify any “unsuitable contents” by other users of the Platform.

Intellectual property rights

According to law and commercial agreements, the design, configuration, logos, graphic design, image and sound and the other features of the Website are the property of Kunerango, and they may not be copied all or in part. Any unauthorized or illicit use will be pursued by Kunerango in the civil and criminal courts.

The design, configuration, logos, graphic design, images and sound and the other features of the Platform are the property of the Instructor and may not be copied all or in part.

Typing errors and inaccuracies

The Courses shall never be considered or used as official documents and/or declarations by Kunerango; therefore the company does not guarantee their accuracy or completeness.

Kunerango is unable to control all the material supplied by the Instructors in their Platforms, and therefore is not responsible for the Course contents, and reserves the right to remove any material from the Platform that they consider obscene, slanderous, offensive or inacceptable in any way. Kunerango has no liability for any damage that may be caused to third parties further to authorized user of the single Platforms, even if Kunerango is aware of any inaccuracies or could have acted to correct them. Kunerango does not guarantee that the Website and Platforms are free of virus or other potentially damaging elements for the IT systems.

Site links

The site links, other than those of its own branches, are not controlled by Kunerango and therefore they are not responsible for the contents of the linked sites or addresses. The sites linked by Kunerango branches adopt their own independent personal data collection and processing methods, which should be expressly referred to. Kunerango does not accept any liability for the contents of these sites or the dispositions of the respective privacy disclaimers.

Breach of the terms and conditions

The user of the Website and the Platforms is directly responsible for any damage caused by a breach of the Terms of Service and undertakes to release Kunerango from any damage, cost or expense caused by the failure to respect them.


As an Instructor, You will be solely responsible for determining the fees You charge Users for Your Courses. You agree to charge only for Your own Submitted Content.

Kunerango manages all the payments using the PayPal online system. Therefore, the user can buy the Courses and pay for them by transferring the full amount to the Instructor’s PayPal account, less any applicable sales or other taxes (if any). The Instructor is able to extract the PayPal account statements in the same way as any normal bank account.

When the user buys the Course and pays the cost into the Instructor’s PayPal account, the sum due to Kunerango (detailed in the “Pricing” section of the Website) is immediately transferred from the Instructor’s PayPal account to Kunerango’s PayPal account.

Users are entitled to refunds pursuant to Instructor general Terms of Service. In case the Instructor decides to refund a User for a Course purchase, Kunerango will not refund the amount charged to the Instructor for that transaction.

Applicable law

The use of the website https://kunerango.com is governed by applicable Italian law.

Effective: March 17, 2014

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